Friday, May 10, 2013

These sidewalks are for the birds

SECOND STRING MUSIC is inside the historic Dodd Building, constructed in 1897 at the corner of Fifth and Maine.  The upstairs floors are vacant and home to ghosts and pigeons. Ghosts I can deal with. Pigeons? I might have to hire Frank Haxel to take care of them, because they are messy.

Before you go all PETA on me, I'd be fine with capture and release, as long as they don't come back and poop on my sidewalk. Because they do. A lot. And it's gross.

So yesterday morning it's pouring rain, and Sheryl says, "Grab a broom. We're cleaning the sidewalks." Faster than you can say "soaking wet," we're on the sidewalk, Sheryl has a broom and has covered the area with dish soap, and we are pushing away bubbles and bird poop, not in that order.

Not so clean sidewalks this morning.
It took about 20 minutes. I had to unfortunately excuse myself to help a customer, dang the luck, but was fortunate enough to help finish after she noticed me watching her from the doorway. She got soaking wet and we had the cleanest sidewalks in downtown Quincy for a few minutes, and I have to admit it worked better than power washing.

"You've never really worked a day in your life, have you?" she said, when we were done and I was complaining about getting my hair wet.

That's Sheryl. Ingenious. Hard working. Always coming up with solutions. Da Bomb. I married way way way WAY all caps over my head.

They perch up there somewhere...
This morning we came to the store, and sadly, in 24 hours, the birds used the front sidewalk as target practice yet again. They probably were up there laughing themselves silly and talking to each other in little bird voices. "She's WHAT? With a broom? In the rain? Wow, I am so eating a lot of berries right now," they chirped.

We are supposed to get more rain this weekend. Somebody hide the dang brooms before I'm forced to do actual labor again.

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