Monday, May 6, 2013

Gone too soon and random stuff

HOW DOES MONDAY morning turn into Monday afternoon before you blink? Well, when you get a massive LTD guitars shipment into Second String Music, time flies. A customer just said, "You have a great job, you get to sit around and play all day!" Well, something like that .....

- Sorry to hear about the deaths of several young Quincy residents. We'll have more later in the week. Life is precious.

- Got sucked into the NHL playoffs for the first time Sunday. I vowed not to watch after the lockout, but the playoffs are the playoffs and I like watching games on the laptop via NBC sports.

- We've been watching Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire. Perfect after a long day of watching Sheryl tear up living room carpet or sitting around and playing all day.

- No no no, Frank Haxel did not set off the store alarm Sunday. Move away, remain calm, everything is fine ....

- There are rumors of a Cheeseburgers practice this week. After an extended break, we hit the stage at One Restaurant a week from Friday, and play at the Bridge The Gap race the next morning.

- And finally ... the 6-2 senior graduates from Western Illinois University Saturday. Dang it. I just blinked again.

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