Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Love and Reverend Guitars

I AM FALLING in love. It's a beautiful thing. I'm wiping away a tear as I write this. Well, not really.

But a new guitar will do that to you.

Second String Music is now officially a Reverend Guitar dealer. I am the proud owner of a beautiful orange Flatroc, and it is one of the most amazing and responsive guitars I've ever owned.

Reverend Flatroc (left) and the Sensei 290.
I met the owner, Ken Haas, at the Dallas International Guitar show. We got to talking and it was obvious Ken understands the small and family-owned music store. Now we have the Flatroc and the Sensei 290 in the shop, but I made the mistake of playing the Flatroc and it's mine.

I've said this many times, but people who limit themselves when it comes to guitars and amps only cheat themselves. I understand about being a Les Paul or Fender guy, or a Taylor or Martin player, but if you refuse to try other stuff and only want to plug into your monster Marshall stack, well ... so be it.

I'm on the other end. I have a beautiful Highway Strat. I have a rare late 80's Gibson/Epiphone Les Paul. I have a rockin' Jon Kammerer guitar. I just played a Cheeseburger gig with a new 80-watt Roland Cube and I was stunned at how good and clean it sounded, though I still love my Orange Tiny Terror tube amp. I have a Blueridge acoustic and now I'm eyeing one of the new Takamine Pro Series acoustic guitars in the store. Shhh. Don't tell Sheryl.

In the end, it's about feel and the connection with the instrument. If you sit down and an instrument speaks to you, it sounds good and there is something just right about it, you'd be foolish to ignore it because of the name or the price.

Gotta go put this new Flatroc through some paces. Can't help falling in love ....

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