Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Guitar On The Brain

LATELY I'VE HAD guitar on the brain. Maybe it's the fallout from going to the Dallas Guitar Show, or maybe it's several students who want to learn some very cool songs.

Maybe it's hanging out with the kids at Union United Methodist Church.

Or maybe it's the fact I'm a very average player who wants to get better, and I own a music store, and I better be able to play, dang it.

I talk a lot to my students about feel and touch, but I'm too heavy-handed strumming chords. I gotta work on that.

I'm looking into getting a new guitar, one to play out with the Cheeseburgers, one nobody else around here has, one that will rock and roar and look cool and make me a better player, just by default.

That kind of guitar doesn't exist. But I can still dream.

I should be doing something constructive, like sanding the floors in the house, raking up the hay from mowing the lawn, learning how to use QuickBooks. Or writing my Local Q blog. Or getting Sheryl lunch.

Nah. I'm learning how to strum 7th blues chords, pick out lead scales, and how to play the Star Spangled Banner in G.

Maybe I'll get better at this guitar thing, yet.

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