Friday, May 3, 2013

May weather. Ick.

THE MOST FRUSTRATING thing about the weather isn't, well, the weather.

It's the way Mother Nature toys with us.

Earlier this week is was picture perfect, sunny and 70, shorts and a T shirt. Today it's cold, rainy and there's snow coming. Or so claims the weather map.

What? Snow? In Quincy? In May?

Many years ago I played in a Gus Macker tournament in Gaylord, Michigan. It snowed. Nobody blinked an eye, because it was Northeast Michigan, even though it was the middle of June.

But in Quincy, in May, this is not acceptable. It's like driving all the way to Walmart or the mall. We'd really rather not deal with it.

If it snows today in Quincy, the new mayor might just replace the incumbent meteorologist, the headline on the front page of the paper will be HUGE and the Dogwood Parade Saturday will feature a lot of hats and gloves.

I don't think Mother Nature cares.

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