Monday, May 20, 2013

Wear your helmet. Finally.

I BROKE DOWN this morning and went to Madison Davis Bicycle Shop and bought a bike helmet.

I ride around on my scooter and consider myself to be a safe operator. But it's the other guy I'm worried about, like the idiot who nearly crushed me in the Hy-Vee parking lot this morning. That one last look behind me has saved my life more than once.

Gas is now $4 a gallon and of course the downtown Houston skyscraper windows need to be cleaned and sheiks need more islands to own, so it won't go down soon. I spend $4 every two weeks if I use the scooter every day, so take that, Mr. Oil Man.

After the parking lot fracas this morning, I went to see Greg Davis and I spent $70 on a nice helmet. I bought a big clunky motorcycle helmet when I first got the scooter but hated it because it felt like a bowling ball on my head. This one is lighter and actually protects me better. I'm selling the old one cheap, if you are interested.

One of the guys who works at Madison Davis had a raccoon jump in front of him last week, and he cracked his helmet in four places upon impact. The ER doc told him he'd have fractured his skull had it not been for his helmet.

I like feeling the wind through my ever-thinning hair. But the wind won't save me when some bonehead runs a stop sign or turns too sharply or simply doesn't see me.

Plus my friend Laura Sievert, who is president of the Quincy Bicycle Club, is happy now that my ugly noggin is protected.

Heads up, helmet on!

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