Monday, August 19, 2013

Back behind

THERE ARE TWO ways to look at it when your back goes out.

One, curse fate and everything else around.

Two, just be glad it happened when it did.

I blew mine out Friday moving boxes. Quincy chiropractor Shawn Irvine at least got me mobile, a good thing since Frank Haxel had to basically carry me into his office.

I made another visit to his office this morning and it's finally starting to feel a bit better. Sheryl likes to remind me that she had back surgery a few years ago and it never was a good idea to make fun of someone who takes five minutes to get in and out of the car.

Fortunately we had a rare weekend off from The Cheeseburgers. And with the coming weekend looming - Blues In The District, a Pepper Spray gig, a 24-hour beach blast trip to Lake Michigan via plane - I'm just glad I have time to recover.

Just in time to get back at it. Again.

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