Monday, August 12, 2013

I hate meetings - except for this one

I ATTENDED THE MidSummer Arts Faire wrapup meeting Sunday. Rachel Henke and her hard-working group reviewed surveys and talked about ways to make things better.

I hate meetings. I hated them when I was a board member at church, and I hated them when assigned by The Whig to write stories. It was all about taking care of business, but they were boring and grinding and exercises in patience and endurance. Too many times I'd attend a "meeting" and really struggle to write a story because nothing happened.

The MAF meeting was well organized and lots of great ideas were discussed. I was also impressed with the honorary chairs, Jeff and Theresa Spear. They were anything but honorary. They dove right in and had all kinds of great feedback.

I put together the music for the MAF and will do it again next year, and don't plan to change a lot, other than to get new acts involved.

So, thanks to Rachel and her crew. They rock and roll and do incredible work. And I have no doubt the 2014 MAF will be better than ever.

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