Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Oboes and cats and daughters

What?  I love the Oboe!
EMILY LEAVES FOR graduate school in a week. She has been coming to the store and using one of our practice rooms to play her oboe.

What a beautiful sound, high and lonesome and wistful, all at the same time.

Fast Eddie also likes it. He jumps on top of the drum boxes by the back room and stares through the practice room window. Emily has to stop herself from laughing, because oboe practice is serious bidness, you know.

My little ponytailed girl, all grown up and going to Eastman School of Music. GUH.

We love it. Even Tucker likes the music, he's laying down by the couch with his eyes closed, soaking it all in, just like when we have guitar lessons.

Sure, we sell guitars at Second String Music. But bet you didn't know we offer animal music therapy. Or former newspaper guy music therapy.

It all works.

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  1. Always heart-tugging to see them grow up. Teen g-kids now leading worship with me, playing guitars and drums. Can't imagine them going off to college, but I know they will. Yes, the kitties LOVE music!