Thursday, August 1, 2013

Weathering The KHQA Patio

THE CHEESEBURGERS HAD a blast performing live this morning for KHQA This Morning on their back patio. The above link has video and other stuff.

Yes, we are Cheesey, and yes, we do all those songs many bands won't but people love. Still, you have to be able to play to do an acoustic gig, and I think we pulled it off fairly well.

Apparently the band Royal Bliss was on the show recently and band members did the weather, so I jokingly asked Teagan if I could do it. The next thing I know they are clipping a microphone to me and saying "You are on in 20 seconds, just wing it."

So I did the weather. Check another thing off the bucket list. Apart from the wind blowing at five degrees, I got through it.

Thanks to the KHQA crew of Chad, Teagan, Brooke, Michelle and everybody over there, and my bandmates. We lost a little sleep but had a lot of fun, and now we get ready for a great gig Friday night at One Restaurant.

Here's the forecast - it might be raining outside, so come see us inside at Sixth and Hampshire!

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