Friday, August 23, 2013

One Dorky Replacement

TODAY AT 11:30 I'm playing in Washington Park with the lovely and talented Kayla Obert. She's been doing the Friday noon lunch series shows with her sister, Katyann, who has left for school. You can sit in the shade on a glorious late summer day and grab lunch from the Butcher Block.

We practiced a few songs last night and I have no doubt we will have a blast. Kayla has a great voice, writes her own songs and plays all the time. I think she's a bit nervous because she's never really done anything like this before - flown without a flight plan, so to speak.

Kayla ... have you ever heard of Pepper Spray? No plans allowed!

Speaking of Pepper Spray, we have a really fun gig lined up tomorrow night by the airport for a bunch of crazy paragliders. On Sunday, Tim Smith, Adam Yates and Frank Haxel join me for a 24-hour Lake Michigan beach blast, which will involve a lot more strumming and humming.

And we have Blues In The District with the awesome Kilborn Alley band.

Music everywhere. Love love love love in all caps!

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