Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I wanna go north

This will cure anything. Guaranteed.
I AM IN desperate need of a Lake Michigan day. Aren't we all?

People around here say, "We have a river. Just go down there for a day." Obviously they have never been to Lake Michigan, or the right place on Lake Michigan, but I understand it and I'm just glad they are concerned about my general welfare. Or maybe they think I'm already crazy and it doesn't matter where I go.

With guitar lessons, Cheese and just general lotsastuffhappening, time has flown this summer. We took a whirlwind Canada trip in June. I'm short on time and cash. I wonder if spending 15 hours in the car to spend one day on the beach is worth it.

Then I think of my awesome cousins and my aunt and uncle, my hoser buddy David Wilkins, and just sitting on the beach with a cigar and a cold lemonade, and closing my eyes.

Man. I gotta try to make this happen.

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