Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fire scenes and gawkers

THERE WAS A horrible incident in Calftown Thursday when a truck crashed into a building at Eighth and Adams, about five blocks from where we live. Click here for the Whig photos from the fire- the last one is of Quincy Fire Chief Henning assisting a resident and her pet.

I stopped by on the way home from work last night, but only lasted a few minutes. I went to too many of these scenes as a reporter, and I never understood the gawk factor. Hundreds of people were out to see what happened, but when they were removing the truck from the building, the crowd inched forward and I got disgusted and left.

One wonders what was going on with the driver. Sadly, in our neighborhood, you think it might be a methhead tweaking. Or a mentally ill person having a bad day, or somebody upset with a spouse, job situation, life itself.

I guess the part about this is that nobody else was killed. If this driver was intent on causing harm to others, well, it didn't happen.

All that's left is a burned building, a knocked down fence and memories of a gawking crowd.

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