Friday, August 30, 2013

Fast Eddie Weighs In

HEY THERE! MY humans are busy doing Second String Music stuff. So I, Fast Eddie, have taken over the blog today. As you can see by my puuuuuurrrrfect picture above, I am a good writer and I have a lot to purr, so let's get on with it. Meow!

Rodney is very silly and a bit dense. He needs to realize there is no such thing as a big decision. And to let it ride. He is very lucky because Sheryl does all of the work around here and things always seem to balance out in the end. Lap up some creamer in your food bowl and quit worrying, you big silly! It's not his fault he was a newspaper guy for all those years. And needs therapy because of it! I will sit on his stomach when he's doing those stretching exercises and purr on him.

I do like it when they are around. I also like the peace and quiet of 5th and Maine at night. This weekend I will have the store to myself for two whole days. It will be very nice. I will listen to ghosts bumping around upstairs, use my litter box whenever I want. Chase bugs and sit in the windows as all the interesting downtown people walk past the store. Ah, it's a cat's life.

The other day this crazy gal named Kiki brought me some catnip and it was goooooood stuff. I took a roll in it, looked at Sheryl and said, "Why are there two of you?" My friends Lew and Lois visit almost every Saturday and Lois always plays with me, and tires me out. That's a good thing. I'm very good at lounging and taking it easy. Something my humans could learn.

Apparently there is a big sale in the store this weekend. All I know is that Tucker, the Border Collie of Doom, is here too and he'd better not boss me around. I hope we sell lots of guitars so my silly owners can buy more cat treats. In fact, my buddy Victoria Kelley brought some yesterday and they are delicious. Victoria rocks!

Have yourselves a great Labor Day Weekend. Uh oh. Here comes Rodney, he's ordering me off the computer ... give me a treat, dang it!

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