Friday, August 9, 2013

Lower crime rates, colorful characters

THE HISTORIC QUINCY Business District released statistics showing crime rates have dropped downtown in the past few years. Click here for the Facebook link.

We feel safe at Second String Music, though there are a lot of, well, interesting and colorful characters walking around. Some of them get deposited at the low-rent areas, some wander over from other neighborhoods, and some we just stay away from after they waddle out of the bars.

This morning an older gal with smoker's throat who was leaning to port stopped by as we were sitting outside with our coffee. Frank Haxel was recovering from fixing a flat tire and did what he does best, which is sit in a lawnchair on the sidewalk, and it was a beautiful Fifth and Maine morning.

Our new friend went over to Mercantile Bank, made herself a cup of their coffee, and was heading back to the bar to get a shot of Kahlua or something. And to get her "boyfriend" a beer.

Her first husband was a Marine drill instructor, she was in the reserves, she likes blue guitars, and she was picking up cigarette butts while teetering down Fifth Street. Sheryl made sure to tell her (loudly so Frank would hear) if she bought a guitar, she gets 4 free private guitar lessons from Vancil Performing Arts, much to Frank's appreciation.

Crime might be down, but it never gets dull downtown!

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