Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Coffee snobs

IT'S ALWAYS THE bass player's fault.

Josh Brueck of the awesome Quincy band Eleven gave Sheryl a Keurig brewing machine. It makes one cup at a time, all kinds of stuff - coffee, tea, hot chocolate. I believe it opens our garage door and might even make tuna sandwiches. The best part is that we don't make a whole pot of coffee and then waste half of it if we don't drink it.

Here is how I make coffee. I put the filter in the machine, put a scoop of coffee in the filer, pour the water in and turn it on. The Hart family is notorious for being coffee snobs ("Always use cold water," my dad says) but I just want something hot and to wake me up.

This Keurig thing is easy to use too, and it makes potent brew. If I have four or five guitar lessons in a row I will make a cup and start bouncing off the walls. Now I know how Fast Eddie feels when Kiki Backoff brings him catnip.

All this because Josh decided we were worthy of such an awesome machine.

Sheryl is soliciting samples and not being shy about it. "We will try anything once," she says.

I will make coffee one cup at a time. But I won't get snobby about it. I hope.

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