Monday, July 1, 2013

Whadda Weekend

The Midsummer Arts Faire, captured from the second floor of Second String Music. 

"Hopefully by then I won't feel like I've been hit by an aircraft carrier." - Cheesey bass player Don Van Dyke, when hearing about band practice this week.

THAT PRETTY MUCH sums it up. What an incredible weekend - Second String Music rocked, the Midsummer Arts Faire rocked, The Cheeseburgers survived the crazy Keokuk people at the South Side Boat Club, and I feel like sleeping until Tuesday.

Let's see - it's July 4 weekend, right? That means two more Cheeseburger gigs, a Friday jam session at the store and who knows what else chaos.

As usual, Cheeseburger roadie Frank Haxel is right. "We'll sleep when we're dead," he said this morning, while painting the outside of Second String Music.

Why is he painting when he should be sleeping?

Ahhhh .... so much more amazing stuff about to happen. 

So. Let's do it again!

We will be closed on the 4th of July to celebrate not only Fast Eddie's birthday but also the birthday of our great country, The United States of America. 

All week we are offering 10% off everything in the store. That includes all consignment items! If you pay with cash we will give you another 2% off.

Sale goes through this Saturday, July 6th.
Spread the word to your musical friends.

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