Thursday, July 11, 2013

Getting Off The Sidewalk

TWO WEEKS AGO, Washington Park was as packed as I've ever seen it during the Blues In The District show for the Soulard Blues Band.

Off the sidewalk to catch Rockin Johnny!
It was also Midsummer Arts Faire time, the weather was perfect and people were in a festive mood. Estimates ranged from 3,500 to 4,000 people in the park, and it was a gigantic party.

We put a table on the sidewalk across the street at Second String Music. And I barely made it into the park to see the band, we had so much fun.

We are in the best location possible at Fifth and Maine, and if the party doesn't get off the sidewalk, that's fine with me. Tomorrow night will be more of the same, but I gotta behave because Second String Music is sponsoring the Rockin' Johnny Band performance. Hopefully Johnny Burgin and his crew will spend some time in the store, so come on by to meet one of the most talented and coolest blues cats around.

I'll be in the park for sure Friday night.

Life is good downtown!

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