Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sticking it to the robot phone company

WELCOME, REALITY BLOG fans, to the latest episode of Sticking It To The Man. And the score after a very frustrating month of competition is Sheryl Hart 1, Big Phone Company 0.

Now, we don't want to identity the phone company here by name, so let's just call it something completely different, like, oh, I don't know - AT&T. Yeah, that's it. AT&T.

Last week, AT&T decided Sheryl needed a data plan. Sheryl doesn't want a data plan, but she has an i-Phone, so AT&T made the decision for her. When Sheryl found out, she called AT&T (Motto: Even though we are a phone company, it will still take an hour to talk to an actual human being). After informing the "customer service representative" she wanted to cancel her phone, Sheryl was advised the data plan would be withdrawn, she'd get a big credit to her next phone bill, and everything would be fine.

Two days ago she got a text from AT&T (another motto: Our robots send texts!) saying she'd been put back on the data plan. After enduring another round of phone calls to robots, which took a long time because their server was down, Sheryl reached a human being, and canceled her phone line.

"But, but, but ...." said the robot, er, AT&T person.

"Buh bye," said Sheryl. And it's the last thing she said into her phone.

I'm a bit uncomfortable with Sheryl not having a phone. What if I have an emergency? What if she is at home and needs something? What if she's at home and I'm at the store and I have no idea how to look something up on Quickbooks?

"Relax," Sheryl says. "We have the store phone. And it's not like you are going to call me and see what size nipple bushing we need for the faucet."

So, AT&T loses a customer, our lives got simpler and Sheryl simply moves on.

And it feels good to stick it to the robots, er, giant phone company.

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