Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tale of two customers

WE HAVE A very nice Dean Palomino hollow body guitar in Second String Music. The other day an older man walked in, declared himself a guitar maker, and proceeded to verbally degrade the instrument.

It's OK to point out something wrong on a guitar, and we are happy to fix it if it isn't right. But this guy had no other purpose in our store than to show how great he was and how much he knew about guitars.

The pickups were set wrong. It had scratches on the pickguard (it's used, but gently, and the price reflects it). The tailpiece wasn't right. Blah blah blah blah. Sheryl had a Spinal Tap moment, asked politely that he give her the guitar and said "You are done looking at this."  She walked to the back of the store and that seemed to be enough of an indication to the man that he had worn out his welcome.

A few days later, a younger guy picked up the guitar and actually played it. He is now in love. "Great guitar, plays like a dream," the young man said. He was in to pick up some new Seymour Duncan 59 blues humbuckers for his electric and I was more than happy to let him play this guitar and get a feel for the instrument.

Guess which guy we considered a musician? You guessed right.

We have an appreciation for all brands, models and types of instrument. The variety of craftsmanship, the sound, different woods, and interesting designs get us excited. We love to encourage our customers to try every instrument they want before deciding on the one for them. A music store should strive to help everyone enjoy music more. Come in any time and try an instrument, ask us questions about weird instruments, try out an amplifier or a Boss pedal.

We welcome the opportunity to serve our local musicians.

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  1. I've never understood why some people, no matter if its a musical instrument or a car or anything else, feel they have to criticize something they have no intention of buying.

    Dude, just say "It's not my style, what else ya got?" and leave it at that. We don't need to hear your "hey I'm an expert" bona fides, honest we don't.

    Kevin the radio and erstwhile guitarist guy :)