Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Worrying About Money

I AM A worrier by nature. Perhaps its the deep-seated Calvinistic guilt. Maybe it's just the worm in my brain. I'm getting better about letting go, but some things you can't change.

Both Reverend Guitars ROCK
Sheryl always tells me to not worry, especially about money. We pay the bills, enjoy the backyard of the house, get ice cream every now and then. I think we've done a better job of tightening things up since I quit my "real" job last summer.

I recently bought a very nice guitar, and I felt guilty about it, until Sheryl said, "You can afford it and it's a great guitar, so shut up and play!" It made me feel better.

My cousin Natalie wrote a tremendous blog about money and finally doing something for herself. I cannot get away from the Dutch thrift in me, and we are being careful, but sometimes you just need to do it.

Amen, Cuz.

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