Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fire the fireworks

QUINCY IS MOVING the annual July 4 fireworks show to the Illinois Veterans Home because Clat Adams Park on the river is under water.

Fine. The Vets Home has huge open spaces and is a good place to watch, but I will pass on venturing over to the north end of town. Too many people and too much of a traffic and parking issue. It's great if you want to make an event of it and spread out the picnic blanket on the lawn, more power to you, and the Quincy Park Band always puts on a good July 4 show.

We could have watched the river fireworks from the roof of Fifth and Maine, but we'd have to sign waivers and climb five flights of stairs, so it's probably for the better.

I can live without going to the fireworks. Whatever you do the celebrate July 4, do it safely and be smart.

In the meantime, I do know some guys who are way into blowing up stuff in Coatsburg ....

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