Thursday, October 3, 2013

Big #$*%$%$ Screen TV

TWO OF MY favorite people in this world are Chris and Victoria Kelley of Table 16 Productions. This has nothing to do with the fact they are my guitar students, shot a video for the store, filmed part of their movie in our old store, and might film their new movie in our new store. Ahem.

Last week, the Kelleys gave us a massive television. They apparently have upgraded and have 3 million televisions in their house. We tried to pay them for it, but they shrugged us off.

So now we have this television that stretches about half a city block in the back of Second String Music. And the possibilities are endless.

I brought the DVD player this morning and now I'm cranking out U2's Vertigo concert from Chicago. Overload! Bono is large than life anyway, so he might as well be plastered all over the back room. Plus these two songs could be done, oh, I don't know .... down at 12th and Maine?

Geesh. All over the place this morning. My apologies. It's the recovery coffee, you know.

Wait a second .... I'm thinking here .... I know, I know, thinking on a Thursday morning is a dangerous thing. GUH! I've got it! A Spinal Tap movie night at Second String Music!

Now if I can get Frank Haxel to help me put this up on a wall .....

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  1. My screen in the music room is a 4x6 foot whiteboard. I set up the projector and run the sound through the big system If I hook up the monitors, we go surround sound. Hubby's piddlin' little 46" TV in the living room doesn't stand a chance :-). In the youth room at church we go straight to the white wall and image goes almost floor to ceiling. We can get some teeth-rattling sound there as well. "The Passion" was epic when life-sized characters are only a few feet away. Got some awesome Christian music videos running before youth group and a Bible study that uses the songs. We have really cool toys!