Monday, October 28, 2013

Promoting the band, one halftime show at a time

BILL MACHOLD IS an assistant professor of music and director of bands at Quincy University. He is also the drummer for the local band Raised on Radio.

Here is his recent Facebook post. It's about his band playing last Saturday at halftime of the home football game.

"Yesterday at the QU football game, a referee (from out of town) called me over. He proceeded to give me the contact information of a high school student from his town interested in studying music in college. He had it all filled out ahead of time ready to give to me and said he had told her about QU and our band...feeling like the progress we are making is getting people to take notice!"

Good for Bill, and good for QU. The college has always had great professors and performers, but the school struggled with facilities. I used to take Emily to the battered and haunted Solano Hall for lessons. Later she went to the basement at North Campus. I always thought the students and staff deserved better.

Now they have the Connie Niemann Center For Music, talented teachers and students, and an active music fraternity. It's good for Quincy University, it's good for the city and it's just plain good for music and appreciation of the arts.

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