Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Grant contest, new website

WE ARE VERY close to qualifying for a Main Street Mission grant from Chase. We are required to get  250 Facebook votes to be considered for this grant, please click here to help us. At last count we only needed 20 or so votes. You will need to do it through Facebook so they can keep track of who votes (one per person), and none of your information will be shared or kept by Chase.

We are hoping that our involvement in the Six String Heroes at Jefferson Barracks (Quincy Branch) and in promoting local musicians and bands will be positive influences on the panel that choose who gets the Chase Main Street Mission grant.

We are also nearing 1,000 "likes" on our store Facebook page. When we reach 1,000 likes, we are giving away 5 earbuds to 5 randomly picked fans of our page.Share our page with your musical friends!

Finally, Sheryl spent a lot of time yesterday revamping the Second String Music website. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. It has a different look and she needs to know what could be better.

In today's economic climate, you must take advantage of social media, and any other marketing tools. I am blessed to be married to a gal who embraces these sorts of things and is very good at working with them.

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