Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ratings continue to fall for World Series

THERE ARE A number of reasons why this year's World Series will be among the lowest-viewed of all time. St. Louis fans are passionate, but the small-market franchise just doesn't interest the average sports fan. What is worrisome is that the Cardinals are playing the Red Sox, who do have some big names (Big Papi) and a huge national audience. Still, the ratings are way down.

Here's an excellent article from the Baltimore Sun detailing more issues with baseball.

I might watch some of Game 6 tonight, since I will be napping and folding laundry and doing other important things. Wake me up if something exciting happens.


  1. Actually, Nielsen reports ratings are the highest since 2009.

  2. You are correct. I was looking at info for the first few games. The last game especially saw a major uptick. Last year's series was awful and ended in four dismal games, so any series this year going more than four games was going to help, as was the fact Boston is a huge market.