Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fixing 24th and Harrison

IN ANOTHER FINE Herald-Whig article by Matt Hopf, the issue of traffic backups at 24th and Harrison is discussed. Click here for the story, but if you get blocked, it basically reports that this is a huge problem in Quincy, because six or seven cars can line up in any given direction once or twice a day. I know, I know, six or seven in a row. Oh, the horror!

Apparently it will cost $800,000 to put traffic signals at the intersection. $800,000? Really? The price of lights must have gone up - maybe red, orange and green cost more to make now. And you wonder why our state is broke. Maybe it isn't all Chicago's fault.

Actually, the problem is that most Quincy drivers don't know how to drive. They put the pedal down, then smash down the brake when they approach. Then they don't pay attention, and the play bumper car pool along with jerk and stop at the four-way stop sign intersections.

This is why a roundabout won't work here. It makes too much sense, and requires common sense from drivers.

Some of the traffic could be diverted along 12th Street, which is much prettier. Or you can cut through the subdivisions to the west and south of 24th and Harrison. Of course, the last thing those neighbors want is more traffic, so never mind. Go play jerk and stop instead.

Another issue is that many people don't realize just what kind of traffic "problems" we have. I will hopefully never have to live in the big city again - my brother lives in Phoenix, and he often calls me on his hour-long drive home from work, which is actually only about 15 miles, but the roads are always clogged.

Ever go around Chicago? And lived to tell about it?

I rest my case.

When I moved here 17 (gulp) years ago, one of the first interviews I did as the new sports editor at The Herald-Whig was interview pro golfer D.A. Weibring. He gave me a very good description of what Quincy was like - "It's a rocking chair community. As long as you don't rock back and forth too slow or too fast, everything is good," D.A. said.

So. Don't rock too slow or too fast at 24th and Harrison. And you'll get through the long rush hour lines just fine.

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  1. 18th and State is just as bad. 18th and Chestnut too, but at that one you'll hear someone yelling "Muafaur..." wonder who that is?