Wednesday, October 2, 2013

One bad apple

WE HAVE HAD an incredible run of school band instrument rentals at Second String Music. How Sheryl deals with it all I will never know, but she is very good at patiently walking parents through the process and making sure the student has the proper instrument.

Last night she had to deal with an Impossible Parent. This person tried to run us over. It's a lesson learned, and we've moved on. For all the great things Sheryl did, this one person was the thing that stuck with her.

One bad apple spoils the bunch, as they say. I have amazing guitar students, but the one or two challenging ones take up most of the planning time and always seem to frustrate me.

Celebrate the good. There's so much of it out there, and to let it all get blighted by the one or two bad apples isn't right.

Anyway, I figure a cup of coffee on the Fifth and Maine sidewalk should help cure the One Bad Customer Blues.

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