Monday, October 14, 2013

Dancing by toilets, good Sammy Fund stogies

GEESH. WHAT A weekend!

As you can see by this photo, provided by Pepper Spray legend Adam Yates, we played to a packed street Saturday night at Oktoberfest. It was more fun than should have been allowed, and you can read the blow by blow here.

Look closely. To the left you can see a truck. On the truck are portable toilets. Yup. That's right. Porta Potties. The Rotary Club planned for about 300 people, but instead, 3,000-plus showed up.

So halfway through the show, they cleaned out the potties.

The Cheeseburgers don't have to play another show. We've seen it all.

Until next week, of course!

Also, Sheryl and I had a blast running around Westview Golf Course at the annual Sammy Fund event. Great weather, great people, and great vibes all the way around. A big thank you to Estaban Meckes for purchasing the cigars - they were excellent and very uncheap.

Geesh. I need a weekend off to recover from my weekend off.

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