Friday, October 25, 2013

The Return of John Travolta

SO THE CHEESEBURGERS are playing Saturday night at the annual Terstriep Halloween bash at a secret barn location east of town. This is a great party and we are really eager to show our new guys, Don Van Dyke and Tim Lawless, a really good time.

We've gone in theme before, but this year band members are fending for themselves. I grabbed my old hockey bag this morning and dumped out all my old gear, and aside from the horrendous stench which caused Calftown to be evacuated, it wasn't that bad.

The hockey pants don't really fit. The helmet has a mask on it that won't come off. The elbow pads are turning a yellowish green.

Maybe going as a hockey player isn't such a good idea. As I was untangling the garter belt used to hold up the socks, Sheryl said, "What the heck is that?"

I explained it to her.

"Why do you need that?" she said. "You have really ugly shorts that don't fit too."

She is right. And you can't strum or sing with gloves or a mask.

So. Plan B.

Remember Dancing With The Local Stars from a few year's ago? That's right. It's the return of John Travolta.

Maybe I'll bring the elbow pads just for shock effect.

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