Monday, November 25, 2013

Birthday Recovery

WE HAD A fantastic birthday party in Second String Music Saturday. We played music all day, toasted our good friend Pat Cornwell, laughed like crazy and just generally had a ball. The first day of my last year in the 40s was most excellent. I'm even beginning to feel human again on Monday morning.

A couple of things stand out. One, my friends Todd, Seth, Will and others jammed all day long with us.  Two, I gave a guitar lesson early in the afternoon to a young man and halfway through we went back out into the main area, and he played with us. You could see the light go on and he completely forgot where he was. That's the power of music, and it's more fun than you should be allowed to have!

He learned more in an hour jamming with the guys than I could ever teach him.

Three, I learned we really shouldn't smoke cigars in the back room. Things got a little hazy there toward the end and I knew it was a good night when Will Leffert and I ended up in the back with a stogie. Don't worry, Sheryl took care of it and we finished up on the sidewalk. I believe it was very cold outside. I think.

Seth was impressed with the girls from Avenue Beat too!
Lastly, the girls from Avenue Beat came into the store mid-afternoon and played a couple of songs, and I was moved to tears. They did Seven Bridges Road again and played it that night at the John Wood talent show, and took second place. And won the People's Choice Award. Sam, Sami and Savana are beyond talented.

They are so good that I've hired them to play in the store Sunday, Dec. 8, from 2 to 4 p.m. There is no charge and if you want to be blown away by young people who can sing and play, well .... you need to be at Fifth and Maine.

So. This begs the question. How the heck are we gonna top this for the big 5-0?

Stay tuned. I have some ideas.

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