Friday, November 15, 2013

Two bads, one good

A COMPANY we use to fund purchases of LTD guitars, and I won't mention them by name but never ever EVER use them, recently charged Second String Music $100 for paying a bill early because we used a check. It's a long story, not worth rehashing.

Sheryl got that fixed yesterday with a professional yet blunt phone conversation. When we are done paying this latest bill, we are done with them. Hopefully that doesn't mean we are done with the ESP/LTD brand.

Then Sheryl tackled a curious invoice from our local medical provider. They bill our insurance company a ridiculous amount of money for somebody to call her every other week to see how she is doing. I think this person is called a "patient care advocate." Or a "bilk the insurance company for two minutes of work." When she tried to call our medical provider to get this stopped, she was put on hold for 45 minutes.


Last night, however, we got great news. We have paid enough on our house mortgage so we no longer have to pay the dreaded PMI. We have worked hard the past four months to pay down the principal for this to happen. The bank sent us a nice letter and a refund on our unused PMI insurance, and our monthly payment has dropped. Every penny counts as we barrel closer to Christmas, so this was good news indeed.

We talked this morning about the good, not the bad. And I redid our guitar and amp displays this morning, and the floor space is bigger and more organized. And I got more pills for my stupid back. And our dogs love us. And I am a lucky man to have an amazing business woman for a wife.

See? It's all good. Tiramisu anyone? (Sheryl added that last part, of course!)

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