Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Crazy Week

THIS IS ONE of those crazy weeks which I love and hopefully survive.

It starts tonight with dinner and two of my favorite girls, my wife, of course, and the incredible and amazing Anne Mays. It has something to do with me turning another year older in a few days.

Wednesday night it's Pepper Spray at One Restaurant. Thursday night, I'm running the open mic night at One with Frank Haxel. Friday night, Reasonable Doubt plays at One. I'm not playing with the Reasonable Doubt boys but will enjoy watching them them rock the old restaurant and bar.

And Saturday? Well. If we are still alive, it's birthday party time at Second String Music. All day. Where are my 12-hour energy vitamins? We will also toast our good friend Pat Cornwell and have all kinds of music and mayhem at the store.

So. You got any plans this week?

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