Friday, November 8, 2013

The new (old) band in town - Mulligan Stew

THIS MORNING MARKED the debut of a new band in town, Mulligan Stew. They are drummer and singer Adam Yates, bass player Justin Sievert, guitarist and singer Tim Smith and guitar player Mark Hickerson. Check out the video below of their acoustic performance on KHQA this morning.

If some of the names sound familiar to Quincy music lovers, well, they should. Adam, Tim and Justin all play in our acoustic band Pepper Spray. Tim and Mark played in the band Vertigo. I've played with Adam in The Funions and helped out with his band Reasonable Doubt a time or two.

Mulligan Stew should be a very, very good band. I don't think they plan on being weekend warriors, but even if they get out once a month or so they will be a must-see. Mullligan Stew has its first show Nov. 30 at One Restaurant.

It's cool that a lot of this stuff has morphed from our Friday afternoon Happy Hour(s) jam sessions at Second String Music. There are rumors of such a session later today. And we might see if Mr. Houston and the old law firm guys are roaming around the fourth and fifth floors, like they were a few weeks ago.

Best of luck to the Mulligan Stew guys!

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