Friday, November 22, 2013

Finding the courage to play at open mic night

WHAT A GREAT time last night at One Restaurant's open mic night. We had 15 acts, ranging from incredible to funny to different to just plain awesome.

First of all, a big thanks to Adam Yates of Reasonable Doubt and Pepper Spray, who ran the PA for us and made everything sound fantastic. We got some appreciative response from the performers and audience who loved the sound.

Haley and some old guy playing guitar. Fun!
I want to give my guitar student, Haley, some love here. For the first time ever she got up on stage and played in front of people, and she was a nervous wreck. We played a song together, "Falling Slowly," and Haley was upset after because she thought she struggled with her vocals.

You know what, Haley? It. Doesn't. MATTER. You had the courage to conquer your demons and nerves and you freaking rocked it up there, and that's the main thing. You have a beautiful voice and you will get nothing but better. And I guarantee you will remember last night forever, and you will always smile.

Also had great fun playing with Avenue Beat. They let an old guy get in the way with guitar and vocals. Ah, to be so young and so good. Not fair!

There will be more noise made Saturday in Second String Music. It's my birthday. I have one more year in my 40s. So let's make it memorable and noisy and fun.

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