Friday, November 29, 2013

Orange Friday

I UNFRIENDED A bunch of Facebook people who kept posting about shopping on Thanksgiving night. Nonsense! Blasphemy! Off with their heads! Or zap them from cyberspace. It's all the same.

Today is Orange Friday at Second String Music. I picked orange because it's my favorite colour. Yeah, that's right, I put a "U" in "colour." Beauty way to go. Too bad the Hamilton Tiger Cats got blown out in the Grey Cup last Sunday, too.

Orange is the new Black any day, for the Dutch!
Anyway, we are opening at our regular time and staying open until 8 pm every week night till December 24th. So take a nap and come downtown. There are lots of refreshments leftover in the store fridge from the epic birthday bash last week, a Pepper Spray jam session reportedly planned for later today, and I'll have the big screen on in the back with college football games..

And, far more importantly, Tucker can tell you how Lucy peed on his head during our Woodland walk this morning. Sheryl just gave him a bath, which he needed anyway, so Orange Friday is off to a rousing start.

Sorry. There are no turkey leftovers at Fifth and Maine, unless you want to bring some.

I'll make room in the fridge.

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