Friday, November 1, 2013

Scary song at One's open mic night!

THE GOOD FOLKS at One Restaurant, along with Steve Rees, have really hit on a good thing with their Thursday open mic night sessions.

The main floor was packed and there have been a steady flow of performers. Some are good, others are trying out new songs, and some just need the experience.

Several of my guitar students performed last night and I felt like a proud parent. I joined Sam Backoff and her buddies Savana and Sami to play "Monster Mash." Sheryl says I looked like a deformed hockey player. I thought my 33-year-old high school hockey jersey looked pretty good, though my elbow pads smelled pretty bad.

Hey. It was a costume party. Anything for art.

The main thing for a performer is to get out there and do it. Thanks again to One and Steve for giving players a chance. It's a great thing!

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