Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dogs, water and parks

WE TOOK BELLA and Tucker to South Park Monday morning for a Memorial Day creek walk. It did not turn out well.

Lucy, our former Border Collie, loved water and would dive into the spring at South Park by the duck pond. Bella doesn't mind splashing around, but Tucker exhibited most un-Border Collie-like behavior and did not like the water.

Sheryl had Tucker on the leash, but he kept getting tangled up on bushes and side growth. Then Bella decided she was going to scale a sheer limestone wall, and Tucker eagerly followed after slipping his leash.

Then we heard angry shouts of "GO AWAY" and "SHOO." Yup. A couple running through the park with a little dog on a leash were Bella'd and Tucker'd. Our two dogs wouldn't hurt a flea, but they are awful curious and bark loudly when meeting a new friend.

That led to profuse apologies after I clambered out of the creek bed and assured the frightened joggers our dogs had slipped away and were just trying to be friendly. They were kosher about it and that ended our South Park creek experience.

I think we will stick to our cemetery strolls and leashed walks around the block.

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