Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Learning bad (good) 80s songs

IF YOU GREW up in the early 1980s, and you say you remember it, you are ....
1. Lying.
2. Getting therapy and getting over it, hopefully.
3. Forgiving.

There was a lot of really bad music in the early 1980s, just like there is today. So I'm getting revenge. I am making my guitar students learn Peter Schilling's classic David Bowie ripoff, "Major Tom." I've been forced to learn Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars songs. So we are getting close to even.

Major Tom is so bad, it's good. It's all easy chords, except for one nasty B minor. It's so good, I'm going to play it Thursday at the first Concert In The Plaza. I'm gonna make the girls from Avenue Beat learn it. And I'm going to interrupt their Mid-Summer Arts Faire show and make them play it with me, along with this classic 70s song.

And, at the Maulers show in suburban Coatsburg at the end of June, I'm making the legendary Brien Murphy play it with me.

There. I feel better and have my inner 1980s demon driven out. For now.

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