Friday, May 2, 2014

Remembering moms and good things

NINE YEARS AGO Saturday, Virginia Coray Hart passed away. Sheryl lost her mom, Wilma Collins, eight years ago this June. I think Virginia and Wilma were a lot alike.

We both miss our moms like crazy.

My mother was always cheerful and tended to look on the bright side. She went through some really tough times but she was resolute and always looked forward, not back. She had four children in six years, and then we adopted a troubled boy right after the birth of my youngest sister.

How she didn't go crazy, I'll never know.

I'm remembering the good things. She was happiest with a cup of tea and a good book while curled up on the couch. Or with friends and a movie. Or singing to her grandkids and reading them a book before bed.

Still smiling when I think of you, mom.

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