Friday, May 9, 2014

Spur of the moment at open mic

YOU KNOW IT'S going to be a good night when you walk up to the corner of Sixth and Hampshire and hear two guys "practicing" their songs on the sidewalk for Open Mic Night.

Sheryl and I headed to One Restaurant last night to soak in the event. Once in a while I like to go and play with guitar students, and for many it's their first time on a stage and a great experience. Plus my girls Sam, Sami and Savana from Avenue Beat were playing. Someday when they are famous, I hope they remember the little people who helped them along the way.

Devonte, left, and Ivan playing old songs with the old guy.
Last night we went just to watch. It turned out to be a rare slow night, so ringmaster Steve Rees invited me to play a couple of songs. Savana graciously allowed me to borrow her Luna guitar, and Steve even had some Second String Music guitar picks handy. Imagine that.

This is the best part. Ivan Yantis and Devonte Clark, the two young guys who were practicing outside, asked if they could play "Saw Her Standing There" by the Beatles. So the three of us, who have never played together, jumped on the stage. Geesh .... what fun! Young people who get it and just want to jam are great things. We played four songs and had a blast.

Toward the end of the night a guy named Ronny got up to sing. He was with a large party of people and admitted he was a karaoke singer, but he plunged ahead with a "really old song" without accompaniment.

The "really old song" was "Turn The Page" by Bob Seger, a Cheeseburger staple. Ronny got started and as soon as I heard it, I borrowed Savana's guitar again, hopped up on the stage and played with him.

Ronny Turns The Page and tears down the house!
The place went nuts and Ronny did a great job. Again, this is two people who have never met, have nothing in common (that we know of) and had no plan whatsoever to get up there together.

What. Great. FUN!

Thanks again to the good folks at One and to Steve Rees for putting up with our craziness. Steve has started a Facebook page for the event. The next time a slow Thursday night rolls around, come on down and hang out - you never know what might happen!

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  1. "Turn the Page" is the best tour bus song ever written! Nobody does it better than Burt, Rodney, and The Cheeseburgers!