Monday, May 5, 2014

The year of turning 50

WE WENT TO a fabulous 50th birthday party for the equally fabulous Kathleen Bursic Saturday night. Wow. I probably should have tucked in my shirt, because it was a high-falooting and very fashionable affair.

They had a photo booth, tons of food and Cheeks McGee as the entertainment. "I just want people to have fun," Kathleen said.

Mission. Accomplished.

This year features the 50th birthday party for my sister-in-law, Stephanie Boyer. Oh, almost forgot - I turn a half century old in November. Think we'll have a bit of a bash for that momentous event?

Sheryl is very good at organizing and arranging parties. It's a pretty simple deal. "We'll have it on this date," she says. "You go to Krazy Cakes in the morning. The rest takes care of itself."

Bring it on, 50. You got nothing on us!

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