Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Let's Dance at the recital

EVERY SO OFTEN the Funions rear their ugly head. This was the band I fronted for about 10 years until I joined the Cheeseburgers in 2010. We made three CDs of original music with Alan Lawless at Copper Mine Studio, and I have a lot of great band memories.

On May 17 and 18, Vancil Performing Arts has its annual show at the Morrison Theater inside Quincy Junior High School. This is one of the most beautiful venues in the area, a huge stage and great acoustics. Many of my friends have played shows there, and Emily has performed numerous times on the historic stage.

I have longed to play a show or even a song on that stage .... and now is my chance.

I am joining Vancil's band, Clockwork, to play the Funions song "Let's Dance." One of the Vancil groups has worked up a routine, and this song will kick off the recital. I love the idea of live music and choreography.

We practiced the other day with the gals, and I think it will be very cool.

Let's Dance was recorded in 2003 at Copper Mine, and I wrote it about three years earlier when playing with Lana Hawkins. She wanted a country sounding song, I wanted to rock it out, so I stole the riff from a Zeppelin song and wrote about putting away fear and inhibition to have a good time.

I'm ticking off a Bucket List item, and we're having a blast on the historic Morrison Theater stage. Geesh. How lucky can a guy get?

Thank you, Frank and Cindy, for thinking of me and for bringing the idea to fruition. What fun!

And now I can tell Emily her old man has played on that old stage.

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