Thursday, May 15, 2014

Stun buns and Taser tots

THE OWNER OF a downtown Quincy hot dog business was sentenced Wednesday to probation and jail time.

Click here for the Whig story. If you are blocked, click the WGEM story. It doesn't have much info, but the comments are absolutely priceless.

The owner was accused of using a Taser on an unruly customer. I have no sympathy for the intoxicated individuals who were the "victims," and I own a downtown business myself and will do what is necessary to keep it safe. But this gal went too far, and the judge chastised her yesterday for lying on the witness stand during a trial.

I went in there a few times and it was ... OK. Not great, but not bad. I don't see myself going back there in the future for a stun bun and Taser tots. Sorry.

Apparently there is going to be a protest in front of the courthouse and City Hall today about corruption in the courts and at the Quincy Police Department. Really? A political witch hunt about a gal who used a Taser on a drunken customer?

Rats. Guess I will have to stay away from Fifth and Vermont and Eighth and Maine today, as well.

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