Friday, May 23, 2014

Waiting out the rain, time for Gus Macker

A LITTLE PATIENCE goes a long way.

We waited out the rain yesterday morning and by 11 a.m., it was nice enough for the first Concert In The Plaza near Seventh and Maine. It was a great turnout and thanks to everybody who showed up, much fun! Here is WGEM's video.

Strumming and humming downtown! Photo by Mike Sorenson.
Across the street from us at Second String Music, Gus Macker setup continues. This is an easy weekend for me - I literally step outside the store doors and right onto the Dream Court, where I will blow the whistle and have a blast Saturday and Sunday.

We do a different level of business when Gus is here, but that's OK. I cannot be impartial about it - I've known Scott McNeal, the founder, for more than 25 years and I worked seven summers for Gus. It can be a challenge for the downtown community when Macker rolls into town. All I know is that we have more fun than should be allowed on the Dream Court.

The addition of registered officials on every court should help, too.

Don't forget - The Cheeseburgers play Saturday night just around the corner from Mackerville at One Restaurant. We woke up before the sun rose this morning and played this morning for the KHQA morning show, and again it was a blast.

So. Have yourself a safe Memorial Day weekend. When it's over, I'm sleeping until Wednesday.

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