Friday, January 16, 2015

A morning in the music store

WE JUST HAD a very nice young man come in with a Washburn classical acoustic guitar. He asked if we could lower the action on his strings.

We managed to talk him out of it, because it was more about the style of the guitar and the interesting neck. Turned out after he played a few of our classical guitars, it was a feel issue. Now he's happy and relieved he doesn't have to pay for something he doesn't need.

Then we had a gal come in with an old Harmony acoustic, which Sheryl will restring and bring back to life. Then former WGEM weather guy Rich Cain came by and we had a great talk about life after being in the media spotlight, among other things.

Now I'm sitting with my coffee and thinking, "Life is good." It's never bad to remind yourself just how good you have it, and I have it pretty darn good, indeed.

And .... happy Friday! See? It's just getting better and better.

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