Friday, January 9, 2015

Traveling to New York

WE JUST MADE plans to visit Emily in Rochester, N.Y., where she is getting her master's degree from Eastman School of Music. We haven't been out there yet so we are super excited.

We will also make a trip to Toronto, weather and the good lord willing, to visit family and bop around the city. It will be a very short trip and we'll pack as much stuff in as possible.

I'm dreaming of the day we can take a longer vacation and be more leisurely about things. Owning a music store and playing music puts a crimp on getting away for more than a few days. But I'm not complaining.

We have travel bucket lists. Sheryl wants to take a cruise through the German wine country. I'd love to spend a week skiing in Colorado, and another week at a Lake Michigan cottage in August. Make it two weeks, actually.

I'd love to buy a recreational vehicle and drive to college football stadiums on weekends. If we make it into the game, great. If not - party in the parking lot!

But we'll start with a shorter trip to see Emily. Smaller journey, big rewards and loads of fun. Pack up the bus!

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