Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Just another morning at Fifth and Maine

I'M NOT SURE why I am surprised when something strange happens at Second String Music. It is, after all, Fifth and Maine.

Sheryl is out and about this morning so I'm dealing with the, uh, interesting people. I love it. And You Can't Make It Up.

I just convinced a 63-year-old woman it's not too late to take sax lessons. I hooked her up with Vancil Performing Arts. "But I'm scared," she said. Don't be, I said. It's all about how badly you want to learn, and it's never too late.

I think she's feeling better about it.

If this was in my size, I might have been interested.
The mailman just came in and wondered if we'd take a couple of envelopes for the "Washington Park Bandstand, 501 Maine." Two of them were junkers and got recycled right away. Another one looked fairly official and the mailman is taking it to the Quincy Park District. You know, I'm sure some of our Outside People would have accepted it.

And lastly, a young man just came in and told a sorry tale of woe about his daughter being in an accident, and he is desperate to go see her but doesn't have any money, and he is trying to sell several prom dresses. They were neatly folded in a baby stroller, and he took one out. "I've been everywhere. Do you know of anybody who could use them?" he said.

Then he asked if we were hiring. And if we gave lessons. He whipped out a cell phone and dashed off a few texts. Then he asked if he could get a ride across the river, because there are some good pawn shops over there, you know.

I feel bad for the young man. He seemed determined, and at least he was polite. I almost sent him over to the Washington Park Bandstand to see if they could use prom dresses.

Maybe I'm getting used to all the fun stuff that goes on down here.

YCMIU at Fifth and Maine. Ever.

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