Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Learning, work and playing

WHY IS IT that I have no trouble learning a tricky progression for a Green Day song, but I have no idea how to stack the dishwasher?

Why is it I can figure out When The Stars Go Blue (by the Coors, not the horrendous country cover), yet it took me over an hour how to unravel a bale of straw for my muddy backyard?

I have no idea how to change the oil in my car or fix a leaky kitchen roof or figure out how to replace the bladder in my fancy toilet. But give me a few days to figure out Four Non Blondes and Melissa Ethridge songs, and I'm good.


Because I'm a musician, a dude that plays guitar. And I don't look at guitar as work. I'm allergic to work. I'm just playing, goofing around. That's the instruction I give to all my students - you are hereby ordered to goof around on your guitar.

Maybe we are wired differently, or lazy, or just have different interests and passions.

I will probably continue to load the dishwasher backwards. That is a lot of work!

Learn a Civil Wars song?

Let's go!

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