Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Morning chorus, puppy style

PEOPLE HAVE ROUTINES when they wake up and get ready for the day. Coffee, cereal, brushing teeth and taking showers - routine stuff.

We have a puppy that has a morning routine, too. It's loud and better than an alarm clock. Usually it's right as we wake up, too, which is good for his health and welfare.

That's right - Angus The Young likes to howl. He grabs a squeaky ball and goes to town, then joins in with a high-pitched moan. Tucker joins in quickly and even Bella, our big dumb lab mix, has added to the chorus.

It's not like we've had to teach Angus how to howl. He just does it. The chorus usually lasts about 30 seconds. Then the dogs look at each other and say, "And our owner thinks he knows how to sing." There's a lot of nodding and winking going on during the dog songs, too.

There are worse things to deal with first thing in the morning. Sheryl even recorded Angus and Tucker and we used it on the Christmas song, "Be Nice To Your Pets At Christmas." Angus is wondering when he gets residuals from the massive CD sales last month. He'll have to settle for doggie treats, I guess.

Woof. It's a dog's world around here, and we just live and sing in it.  (Enjoy their singing here!)

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